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12 Micro watch brands and watches you probably have never seen or heard of 2018

12 Micro Watch Brands & Watches You Probably Have Never Seen Or Heard Of

Hello and welcome, today we are going to take a look at my top 12 NEW and Neewish Micro watch brands and watches you probably have never seen or heard of.

Now are you like me and getting bored of seeing the same style of watches over and over again? Look don’t get me wrong I do like the odd homage but things seem to have become rather ridiculous and everywhere you turn there just seems to be yet another version of the Rolex Submariner, Tudor Black Bay or one of the many Panerai’s popping up from yet another watchmaker.

So, what if you want to stand out from the crowd with a cool, unique, and awesome timepiece that isn’t going to get you constantly saying, “Oh no this is, this is the Parnis’s version of the Rolex submariner.” Then you sonny Jim need to sit back take a deep sigh of relief and check out these new and new-ish awesome brands.


In at number one we have Anicorn, a genuine Hong Kong-based watchmaker, founded by Joe Kwan and Chris Chan in 2014. They set up a Kickstarter page to fund the project and within 24 hours they had met their target. They have been featured in many world-wide publications such as Fast-company, Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, GQ and DesignMilk

They have a nice selection of different futuristic style watches in the range, the one which initially drew me in was the Series K452 Space Automatic. The watch has a unique means of telling the time that the company like to think of as having your own little Solar system on your wrist. The movement used to power this is the Miyota 9015 which is a good 24 Jewel automatic movement, that beats at 28,800bph, the watch is water resistant to 50m and uses a unique AR and Sapphire Coated, Convex hard plexiglass. The watch can be bought directly from the watchmaker at $540 that’s, £407 or €465



At number 2 we have AVI-8, AVI-8 is a UK brand created in 2012 by Dartmouth Brands limited. There are a varied range of watches assembled in China, Germany, the United Kingdom and in Switzerland.

The AVI-8 line of watches are based upon a series of iconic British WW2 fighter jets and bomber planes. 

Among their line of seriously cool watches I found the Lancaster Bomber. The design of the dial is based upon the aeroplanes cockpit, the 44mm case is modern with a classic style crown positioned between 1 and 2. It’s powered by an interesting Japanese Quartz Multi-eye movement with 24 hour, day and date indices. It has mineral glass and is water resistant to 50m.

The watch can be picked from the manufacturers website from only £150, thats $198 or €171 It’s cheap, extremely cool and an absolutely awesome concept.


Boston & Stewill

At number 3 we have Boston & Stewill, another British brand founded in 2014 by Steve Johnston and Will Boddy, the name is an anagram of their first names and surnames if you were wondering.

They currently have two styles of watch in the collection, one is on pre-order and the one I quite like is currently available at £179.99, that’s $238 or €205

So what does that money get you? Well it buys you a pretty smart, not too fussy, bullhead chronograph watch, That uses a genuine Swiss Quartz chronograph movement, it can go to depths of 100m and sports sapphire crystal glass.

It is an extremely impressive watch for the money, especially when you think Swiss watches with the same specifications would cost you at least 3 times the price for essentially the same thing.



In at number 4, it’s Code41 Founded in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2005 by designer Claudio D’Amore and his team of 6.

Collectively they have worked with many interesting brands such as Tag Heuer, Oris and Montblanc.

Code41 currently has two different styles of watch and it’s the first of the two the Anomaly-01 which grabbed my attention.

The watch uses the Miyota 82 S 7 which is an extremely interesting automatic movement, which is used in many other brands such as the likes of SevenFriday. It has two off centered dials the one on the left indicates the 24 hours in the day and the one on the right the seconds,

The intriguingly sophisticated designed case measures 42mm in diameter, the glass is AR coated Sapphire crystal and there are a number of different beautifully made straps and clasps to choose from. These are also limited to batches of 4,500 per style of watch.

The watch comes in at €689 that’s £603 or $800


Dan Henry Vintage Watches

At number 5 Dan Henry Vintage Watches are as you can imagine by the name are based upon vintage classics.

Dan Henry who founded the brand in New York back in 2015 had spent 30 years acquiring in excess of 1,500 vintage watches for his own personal collection.

Many moons ago Dan set up an Instagram account adding each and everyone of his watches as they arrived to share with the world, his fan base grew and many of those who followed him loved but couldn’t afford to purchase such timepieces, So Dan set out to change that and eventually he did by introducing a classic and modern classic range of affordable timepieces.

The watch in his collection which stood out to me was the 1968 Dragster Chrono. This is a very simple but unique design chronograph with a single dial. It uses the Miyota 6 S 20 quartz movement that runs a smooth seconds hand, it has AR coated Sapphire coated double domed glass, it’s 50m water resistant and measures 41mm in diameter.

The thing I really like about this watch other than being a modern take of one of Dan Henry’s 1968 vintage watches from his collection is that the watch is limited to exactly 1968.

This watch can be picked up directly from the website at $200, that’s £151 or €172


DONE Watches

At number 6 we have Done Watches, Founded in Switzerland by engineer, micro-technologist and self-proclaimed watch addict Thierry Clottu in 2015.

There is one style of watch in the collection which comes in many different guises as well as a super cool Skeleton version which is a fair bit more in price, but I do suggest you check out.

The Mechanica Classic range that we are currently taking a look at is an incredibly stylish looking timepiece which goes just as well with a suit while on a smart leather strap as it does casually worn with a t-shirt and shorts on a Nato or rubber strap.

The watch measures 43.8mm in diameter and is powered by the awesome manual winding ETA 6497 movement. It has AR coated Sapphire crystal on both the front and back, it can be taken to depths of 100m and it only costs 659 Swiss francs, that’s £497, $658 or €567 for an incredible Swiss watch that looks great from every angle.


In at number 7 we have Eone. This is a super cool watch from a super cool person who had a super cool plan. Founded by MIT graduate Hyungsoo Kim in 2012.

The story goes that while at university a friend and classmate was unable to tell the time, not because he hadn’t learned to but because he was blind. He was also embarrassed to use his talking watch to tell the time while in class and while out in public. So Hyungsoo took it upon himself to find a solution and what he has created is not only ingenious, unique and beautiful it serves a wonderful purpose.

The watch uses a Swiss Ronda quartz movement that rotates two ball bearings via magnets around the face which tells the user the minutes, and around the outer case which tells the hours, not obviously just visually but by touch as well.

The watches measures 40mm in diameter, are 30m water resistant and cost $285 however if you are outside of the US the prices displayed on the website will be in your countries currency and will include import taxes  – they work out at £255 for the UK and €295 to Europe.



At number 8. Yet another British watchmaker. MHD watches.

Established by former Head of Design at Morgan Motor Company Matthew Humphries in 2014. The concept grew out of his love for cars and of course watches.

So as you can imagine his timepieces encapsulate automotive design. There is one watch case in 3 different options, quartz, chronograph quartz and automatic and it is the black dial version of the automatic known as the AGT that we are taking a look at.

What I initially liked about this watch was its simple kind of classic Porsche design dial in contrast to what at first glance looks to be a simple oval shaped brushed case, until you venture around the sides of the watch to see the awesome cut out sections revealing what could quite easily be inspired by an old racing cars tyre tread or possibly a front grill,

There is an open case-back displaying the trusty Miyota 9015 automatic movement in all its glory. The watch is 50m water resistant, uses a bevel edged sapphire crystal glass and is limited to 100 pieces only.

Not bad to think you and only 100 in nearly 4.5 billion other people on this planet could own one from £495, that is $656 or €565


Moto Koure

Number 9, Another brand inspired by motor vehicles. Moto Koure is an Australian brand which was Founded in December 2015.

The watches are based around the 1960s and 70s classic Jaguar M K series. They come in one case shape, many different colour arranged textured dials and two different movement options, a Seiko VK Quartz Series or the Seiko NE88 Automatic movement.

The design is pretty slick incorporating what looks to be a representation of a racing Jaguars dial arrangement with an aluminum textured display for the chronograph feature for  MK 1 Mecha- Quartz models and a wood dashboard look for the Mechanical version, Which I have to say I really want to get my hands on. Even the straps have been well thought out and designed, replicating the holes around the knuckles of 1960s and 70s driving gloves.

Both watches have AR coated Sapphire Crystal and measure 44mm in diameter the cheaper of the two can be picked up for $540AUD, that is £303, $402 or €346 and the more expensive of the two with the wooden dial, which is limited to only 250 pieces comes in at $1,250AUD that’s £702, $930 or €802


Mr Jones Watches

At Number 10, believe it or not we have another British watch manufacturer based in London producing some damn cool interestingly and alluring watches. Mr Jones Watches established in 2008.

If you are looking for something completely and utterly different from the norm, then this watch or one of their many watches may just be the ticket for you.  

The watch that drew me is called The Last Laugh from the Skull collection, with this design the Teeth tell the time, the top center two show the hours, and bottom two the minutes.

The mechanism is powered by the Chinese SeaGull ST1721 Automatic movement which is reasonable.

Though the case shape is simply designed it actually lends more emphasis to the dial, it does have a unique slender design to the lugs, and a slightly hidden crown. The case measures a comfortable 37mm in diameter. The glass is mineral crystal and it can be taken down to depths of 50m.

Not bad when you consider this only costs £195 that is $258 or €222


Schmutz Watches

At number 11. We have Schmutz Watches, yes you heard me correctly. Schmutz Watches was established in the United States in 2012 by Lee Dowell.

After having discovered his great, great grandmother Rosetta Schmutz painted watch dials in La-Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland, Lee decide to somehow follow in her footsteps.

Schmutz Watches are by far one of the most unique and individual watches you will possibly ever find. The brand employs 15 contemporary artists who not only create original mini watch dial works of art and some limited edition prints, they offer commissioned works of art as well. How severely awesome is that!!!

The watches take between 7 to 10 days to assemble from order, there is one case shape with two case options, either brushed stainless steel or black PVD coated as well as many straps to choose from.

The back of your watch will be signed by your chosen artist. I assume they use a mineral glass and a type of quartz movement.

However you could own your own customised piece of art from only a few hundred pounds, dollars or Euros


Straton Watch Co.

And the last one on the list at number 12 we have Straton Watch Co. a Swiss based brand established in 2015 by Kyle Schult.

The company was yet another overnight Kickstarter success. The watches which coincidentally just like a few others on this list happen to have been inspired by you guessed it, motor sporting history but not so much by the vehicles but by the iconic watches the drivers once wore.

There are a few different designs one pretty much a homage to the extremely sought after vintage Tudor Monte Carlo chronograph, but the watch which I kept on coming back to was the Speciale Automatic,

okay yes there may well be a $700 difference in the price tag between the quartz and automatic versions, but the Automatic version doesn’t just look that bit better with a more textured dial, day and date feature, I personally if I had the money would rather pay the extra for a genuine Swiss 7750 ETA automatic movement over a quartz Seiko movement, though the Seiko movement is an excellent movement in its own right. Either way both of these watches are beautiful. They measure 42mm in diameter, use domed sapphire Crystal glass, can be taken down to 100m and you can pick up the quartz version for AU$499 which is £280, $371 or €320. The automatic version can be picked up for AU$1,199 that is £673, $892 or €769


Which one would you choose?