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Are Smartwatches Worth The Money?

Are Smartwatches Worth The Money?

Are Smartwatches are really worth their weight in gold? With the recent news of many $10,000 to $17,000 Gold Apple smartwatches having become obsolete within just a couple of years of ownership, due to the latest firmware updates no longer supporting these devices. It begs the question are smartwatches really worth the money.

Okay the $10,000 to $17,000 watches I mention which are possibly only now worth 300 to 1000 at best in gold value are not the ideal examples for us to go by, but if I owned one I would certainly be on the phone to the likes of Trading Standards right now.

Swiss Luxury Brands Get In On The Pie

There are of course many luxury watch brands such as Hublot and Montblanc that are introducing their own smartwatches, there’s a whole host of affordable brands introducing theirs too and there are many unknown / non-branded or multi-branded devices like this one pictured on this page (more images below) that predominantly come out of the same factories in China.

So the first question is, is there much difference between lets say the latest $100 smartwatch to the latest $1,800 smartwatch. Well no, they are all pretty much the same, they all use the exact same components, chipsets, batteries, screens, you name it, the only real difference is in the design and brand name. They will all do pretty much the exact same jobs.


Now, if we take a look at the watch pictured below, it is a full android stand alone device I purchased November 2013, over 5 years ago and it still works exactly as it did the day it arrived, and even though it is so old in the grand scheme of things of course, LOL, it does in fact have far more features, more memory and processing power than my other and so many other smartwatches. But, is this one or other smartwatches really any good, in my opinion NO!!!!! There  bloody useless, just like all of the smartwatches I have owned and tested the screens are too small to do anything with, the battery life is awful though I know you can get some with better standby times, they generally have fewer features to compensate. And worst of all the technology inside is outdated within almost months of ownership.


I do still see a market for these devices but Unlike the first Quartz Watches of the 1970s, the first automatics watches of the late 1700s or the first mechanical watches of the 15th century their existence will be extremely short lived.


By all means do buy yourself a smartwatch if you are into your gadgets and it makes you happy, but don’t expect to get the years if not decades of enjoyment you will get from owning a real timepiece!